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Premier Healthcare Germany has access to a high capacity of medical care within their existing network. One of our expertises is arranging patients timely medical care. Through good preparation and quality case management, we can help reduce wait times to make the best use of your time here in Germany.

Good preparation is key to get you quick access to German healthcare once you arrive in Germany. There are several steps which must be taken before scheduling an appointment at the hospital. Premier Healthcare Germany can guide you in the process, walking you through every step of the way. Our experienced case managers will advise you on the most appropriate medical treatment options and give you an accurate budget estimate based on your medical dossier. This is a secure process.

By analyzing your medical requirements ahead of time and taking care of formalities before your arrival in Germany, we can ensure a shorter and stress-free stay abroad for medical reasons.

If your understanding of "VIP treatment" includes receiving medical care in a high-tech, modern facility from highly trained German doctors, then yes!

German hospitals are designed to maximize efficiency, and to provide timely and effective treatment to the greatest number of patients in the shortest amount of time. Premier Healthcare Germany can provide additional services by ensuring our patients are treated by heads of departments and are provided private rooms. Waiting periods are limited or nonexistent.

Hospitals in Germany are famous for their superior medical treatments and the high level of ethical responsibility. Extra services, such as luxury accommodation and high-quality food, are not characteristics of German hospitals - they are characterized by high-quality medical care.

To find out more about what to expect during your treatment in Germany, contact us.

There are 250,000 international patients who are using the German healthcare system on yearly basis, not including expats living in Germany.

German hospitals are fairly familiar with common religious requirements and offer services such as halal food and international TV, to name some examples.

The German constitution promotes and enforces the free choice of religion. However, since most people in Germany are Roman Catholic or Protestant, please inform us of any religious requirements ahead of time, as some hospitals may not be familiar with them. Premier Healthcare will ensure that your requirements are met and respected.

Although German is the official language, most people in Germany also speak some English. The population of Germany is very multicultural and in most hospitals the staff is diverse and can speak many languages.

Premier Healthcare is always available to assist with communication, whether it be via phone, chat, email or our physical presence with you at the hospital. Our team members speak German, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Dutch.

Our team will accompany you to your doctor's appointments when you are in Germany. Besides their language skills to explain medical information in your native language, they have all the knowledge of your medical requirements to represent you to your request in front of the German medical specialist. Language should not be a barrier during your time in Germany.

Due to the high number of foreign patients that yearly use the German healthcare systems, you will find hospitals in Germany who can cater to the comfort requirements of private patients without sacrificing high-quality medical care. Hospitals may be located in ultramodern buildings, or charming historical buildings that have been renovated inside.

All of our hospitals own new and well-maintained equipment that represents the latest standards of technology. Strict regulatory requirements in Germany mean that each hospital has to meet established safety standards according to the German qualification system, the KTQ.

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