Mr. Sayed, from Egypt, received an arthroscopic knee surgery for a sports injury at an Asklepios hospital in Hamburg, Germany. He agreed to a short interview with us in our Hamburg office to tell us about his experience traveling for medical treatment and working with Premier Healthcare.

Can you tell us something about your medical treatment received?

Due to a sports injury, I have had problems with my knee for many years. I had been operated on in Egypt, but the problem with my knee was not solved and the pain increased over time. I decided to ask for medical treatment in Germany. I had an arthroscopic operation in December 2015 at Asklepios Nord. After the operation, I received physiotherapy in Germany for about five weeks. I stayed in the hospital for only one night. The nurses were very decent and polite. I expect that I will fully recover.

Why did you have an interest in Germany?

It was pretty clear to me I would choose Germany. This is mainly because of the good reputation of German healthcare and specifically their orthopedic knowledge. A lot of famous athletes in Egypt choose Germany when they need medical care for their sports injuries. Also, many famous people in Egypt choose Germany as their medical destination.

My first alternative was the Czech Republic. I approached a hospital there, but I was not satisfied with the follow-up.

Which thoughts could have stopped you from choosing Germany and our service in particular?

I had found PHG by searching on the Internet. I had asked for three offers, including an offer from a hospital in the south of Germany. Premier Healthcare Germany offered me the cheapest option and I had confidence in the Asklepios Hospital Group.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about your company in the beginning. Can I trust Premier Healthcare Germany? You read so many stories on the internet about all kinds of companies that take advantage of international patients seeking international medical care. The fact that, in addition to Hamburg, you also have an office in Dubai, and the intense and timely contact with the case manager in Dubai convinced me to use the services of Premier Healthcare Germany. I even Googled your office address in Hamburg to verify the existence of the office.

I have had extensive contact with your case manager. She asked a lot of questions in order to optimally prepare my case.

What did the service of PHG bring to you?

I am convinced that the PHG approach was, in the end, more comfortable and cheaper for me. Maybe it will cost a little bit of extra money, but it is in my opinion the most comfortable.

Based on the offers I received from a hospital directly, PHG was even less expensive. Approaching a German hospital directly is very difficult. PHG managed everything from A to Z: arranged the appointment, assisted me in choosing an experienced medical doctor, explained everything before and during my stay in Germany, joined me during my first consultation, joined me during an anesthesia discussion, kept in contact with me during my stay in Germany and arranged a consultation for another medical problem I experienced.

I did not have problems with prepayment for the medical treatment, but I was most afraid of the visa procedure. Would I get a medical visa? PHG assisted me and provided me with the necessary documents.

I am willing to tell other patients about my experiences with German hospitals and Premier Healthcare Germany.