Mohamed Husain LibyaTogether with his mother, Mohamed Husain visited Germany for medical treatment in 2017.  

Both of them have received medical treatment in Germany. She received a spine surgery.

‘Before Germany, my mother was suffering a lot. She did have a consultation in Libya. The doctor advised her to undergo surgery. It was quite clear for us that we should choose Germany as our destination. They are very well qualified for surgeries.


I started my search on the internet for companies that could provide medical treatment in Germany. Luckily I have found the company Premier Healthcare Germany.  I contacted them and told them I am insured by Medaxa. PHG did already have a cooperation with that insurance company before, which definitely made things easier. From that moment and on PHG helped us a lot to finalize the needed papers and reports and to make sure that all the information needed is well prepared.

My mother was treated by Dr. Nagel, a very experienced orthopedic surgeon at Asklepios Hospital. I received my treatment at Stephansplatz, a private clinic in the center of Hamburg.

PHG worked on a treatment plan for my mother. The initial MRI scans were done by another clinic but PHG took care of the overall coordination between the different institutes. They also assisted us in the VISA procedures.

In Germany it is not only the doctor that contributes to the famous German quality. In my opinion, the whole staff, nursing and healthcare system play a very important role in that well known quality, and that what makes Germany a very special destination for medical treatment.

My mother and I are satisfied about the medical treatment in Germany. Of course German hospitals are different compared to the hospitals in my home country, but mostly it was what I have expected.

For me everything went well and I can advise other patients to consider Germany and contact Premier Healthcare Germany