A patient from Libya was suffering from varicose veins. He contacted the international patient department of an Asklepios clinic here in Germany, who then referred him to Premier Healthcare Germany. With PHG’s support, he was able to undergo surgery and get the treatment he needed.

I was suffering from varicose veins, and an Asklepios hospital referred me to Premier Healthcare Germany. We communicated mostly through e-mails and direct phone contact. The good communication resulted in clear advice on my treatment.

After sending them my medical history, I received a recommendation of my treatment plan which included a travel plan, hotel accommodation, expected cost of my treatment and detailed information about contact details of Premier Healthcare Germany.

On the day of my appointment, Mrs. Astrid Eggers met me at the hospital and helped get me admission to the hospital. I met with several specialists. They explained all of my options to me, and we decided to have an operation by classical surgery on my left leg.

The operation was successful. I was satisfied by the treatment I received from all members of the hospital. Mrs. Eggers arranged a follow-up appointment and special care. During my three days in the hospital, I was visited by the surgeon and by members of Premier Healthcare. The follow up appointment was done on the last day before I traveled back to Tripoli, Libya.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the Premier Healthcare Germany staff for the good support and the things they have done to help me. They have supported me in booking a flight and traveling back to Tripoli, they kept following my case even after I returned to Tripoli, they made sure I recovered from my medical treatment and they forwarded me my final medical report in both English and German.

Wishing to all of them the best.