Since January 1, 2004, almost all hospitals in Germany are obliged by law to base their prices for medical procedures and hospital services on the DRG (Diagnosis-Related Groups) pricing system depending on the type of medical condition.

Contrary to what some hospitals lead international patients to believe, the relevant German law (SGB 5) clearly states that these official price regulations apply to all patients, irrespective of whether they are insured through the German healthcare system or come from abroad and hence have to pay for their own medical care. The DRG catalog forms a legal basis for the evaluation of cost estimates and hospital bills.

The DRG catalogue also includes average duration-of-stay figures for each procedure, and these can be used to calculate another portion of the medical travel costs. In most hospitals, the cost of stay is based on the standard of three beds to a room. Patients who prefer the comfort of a room alone or with just one other bed will be required to pay a supplement, which varies per hospital.

Exact DRG price can only be determined after the hospital treatment has been completed.

The cost estimates we provide are not price guarantees; there can be substantial differences depending on the standard of treatment and accommodation preferred.