A German hospital is like a well-oiled machine, providing timely and effective care to large numbers of patients with German efficiency and precision. But they are often not equipped to handle the administrative hurdles that are required to treat international patients, and as a non-German it can be difficult to get access. Where should you start? An experienced international patient management company such as Premier Healthcare Germany can help.

Language and culture

Our employees speak your language and are familiar with German culture. We take away cultural and linguistic barriers to ensure optimum communication.

Good preparation

International patients face many uncertainties when going abroad for medical treatment. They may be concerned about cultural differences, the possibility for miscommunication and the cost of treatment. At Premier Healthcare, we focus on careful planning and thorough preparation to make sure your treatment goes as smoothly and effectively as possible. The better the preparation, the greater the chance of success.

And if something unexpected happens? We are there to support you 100%.

Careful planning

We have relationships with a wide network of healthcare providers and hospitals in Germany, including several German doctors who are leading experts in their field. Despite the doctor’s busy schedules, we make sure your case gets heard. We ensure your file is in order and that the doctor receives all of the information they need before you travel, so you can make the most efficient use of your time in Germany. This saves you both time and money.

Excellent support

Our support doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. We continue to assist you until you are safely home – and sometimes a little longer.

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