Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa to travel to Germany. At Premier Healthcare Germany, we have experience helping international patients apply for a medical visa in Germany. We know the correct authorities to contact, know which documents to fill out, and can provide visa support in English, German, or Arabic. Due to our careful planning and preparation, our patients have an extremely high visa acceptance rate – it is very rare for someone working through us have their visa application rejected.

Visa requirements vary from country to country and may change or be updated over time. For the most accurate, up-to-date information on visa requirements in Germany, visit the website of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) or contact the German embassy in your country.

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How to apply for a medical visa in Germany

You may think the best way to apply for a medical visa to Germany would be to immediately make an appointment with the nearest German embassy and start filling out forms. However, this is an almost guaranteed way for your application to be rejected. In order to get a visa for medical treatment in Germany, a German hospital must agree to treat your medical condition, come up with a treatment plan and provide an estimated cost of treatment. Only then will the visa application be considered.

So where to begin? The first step is to get a medical diagnosis from a doctor in your home country. Once a diagnosis is established, we can forward your documents to a highly qualified German doctor who is an expert in your specific condition. Our case managers will work with the medical specialist in Germany and coordinate a treatment plan with the German hospital. We will present to you a treatment plan and an estimated cost of treatment, as well as the opportunity to find a second opinion. Only after a treatment plan and method of payment has been established do we send out a letter of invitation. This careful preparation is the key to our success at helping patients receive a medical visa to Germany.

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Emergency medical visa

Premier Healthcare Germany is especially good at helping patients apply for a medical visa quickly when the patient is in need of urgent medical care. If a heart attack, stroke, or accident strikes, we are ready. We can coordinate treatment for acute injuries or sudden illness fast. Once the patient’s condition is stable enough to travel, we can begin working immediately to organize a flight ambulance and make preparations with the hospital in Germany. We can get the patient a visa in record time, sometimes applying for the visa once the patient is already in the air.

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Health check-up

Please note: If you are traveling for a medical check-up in Germany and do not already have a specific diagnosis, the German authorities will not grant you a visa request on the basis of medical treatment. If this is the case, Premier Healthcare Germany can work with you individually to find a solution that fits your specific case.

To begin the process of applying for a medical visa in Germany, contact us at our office in Hamburg or Dubai. A case manager will be happy to help.