Medial Meniscus InjuryA meniscal tear is a tear in one of the ligaments in the knee joint, usually due to a sports injury. Meniscus surgery is used to treat a meniscal tear.

While mild cases may respond well to physical therapy and medication, severe meniscal tear injuries often require surgery. In this case, a surgeon may repair or remove part of the damaged cartilage. The exact location and extent of the tear, the patient's age and whether or not the patient has osteoarthritis are all factors an orthopedic specialist will consider in order to decide if surgery is recommended.

Meniscal surgery is usually performed via arthroscopy, meaning the surgeon operates through a very small incision and uses an endoscopic camera to see the tissue they are operating on. Although removal of the torn meniscus is usually very successful, cartilage serves an important purpose in protecting joints, so removing part of it may cause problems in the future.

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