NGI is one of the leading composite insurers in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and is recognized as a fully accredited national insurer. NGI offers multiple range of products and expertise including health/medical insurance. In a unique partnership with Premier Healthcare Germany, National General Insurance (NGI) has significantly expanded its list of affiliated institutions to include hundreds of hospitals in Germany. This gives NGI members with a global or international insurance policy immediate access to a large part of the German healthcare market.

Premier Healthcare Germany Premier Healthcare Germany is specialized in organizing medical treatment and diagnostics in Germany. The company facilitates access to high-quality medical care in Germany. The head office is located in Hamburg. The service office in Dubai maintains contact with patients from the GCC countries. The support towards NGI members starts with a well-prepared treatment plan to identify and eliminate any obstacles before the patient travels to Germany. Case managers of Premier Healthcare Germany speak both English and Arabic, and good preparation is their number one priority to ensure that of the process of medical treatment runs smoothly for the patients and the hospitals alike.