Holidays, particularly those associated with the beginning of the year, are a great opportunities for celebrating and gathering with family and friends. We prepare fancy banquet stuffed with delicious food, it’s a hallmark of these festivals, however, many of us feel guilty towards these fascinating banquets, we get stuck between our desire to enjoy all the food and our fair of gaining weight or encountering health problems, those who have a chronic disease (e.g. diabetes or hypertension) are more likely to suffer than others.

Here’re a few quick tips to help you enjoying a no-hassle feast

  • Don’t join the big party with an empty stomach!

One of the most common mistakes most of us do is going out with an empty tank! We try to stay famished to eat as much as we can at the party. This is a huge mistake as it results in overeating, mal –digestion and gaining weight. Don’t  skip your meals, it’s especially important to have breakfast for your body to stay balanced.

  • Use smaller plates:

This will help you to enjoy the meal and eat smaller portions.

  • Avoid banned food!

The holiday seems to be an ideal occasion to violate the doctors instructions! We tend to eat the food we should avoid for our health; you have to remember a one-time breach may lead to unfortunate, long-term health problems.

  • Don’t forget your medications! It’s common to skip daily medications, don’t do that! Be sure to take your medicine as usual.
  • Eat fiber-rich food (e.g. vegetables, fruits and bread), minimize your intake of fatty food.
  • Keep moving! After eating your delicious meal, it’d be great if you walk for a few minutes that would help with your digestion and blood circulation.
  • Don’t eat too much dessert!

Desserts are dangerous for your health! Try enjoying the taste without eating too much.

  • Enjoy your time with family and friends: that’s what really matters, focusing on family and friends with improve your mood and your emotional state, you won’t eat that much, too.

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